Network Uptime Guarantee


While downtime is experienced very rarely by our customers we accept that it is possible for there to be short and unavoidable lapses in service.

During this time Suncoast Hosting has established strong, long term relationships with its customers and various market leaders in the hosting industry. This has been made possible with the help and ongoing support from its customers with organisations of all sizes and from a large variety of industries, both locally and internationally.

Servers and networks, like any other machinery, require maintenance. However, if there is a low level requirement for maintenance we will do our best to contact you and provide twenty-four (24) hours notice of the downtime. In the event of an emergency we may not be able to contact you before it is necessary to interrupt the service.

If your site(s) stored on our server is not contactable by at least one (1) computer outside of our network by reason of an unscheduled or unforeseen outage, and you have a hardware and network service level agreement, we will give you a pro rata credit equivalent to the period of downtime.

  • 100% – 99.9% uptime (approximately 44 minutes of downtime in a month) = NO CREDIT
  • 99.9% – 99.3% uptime (approximately 5 hours 12 minutes of downtime in a month) = 4% CREDIT
  • 99.3% – 99% uptime (approximately 7 hours 26 minutes of downtime in a month) = 8% CREDIT
  • 99% – 95% uptime (approximately 1 day 14 hours and 12 minutes of downtime in a month) = 12% CREDIT
  • 95% – 90% uptime (approximately 3 days 2 hours and 24 minutes of downtime in a month) = 16% CREDIT
  • 90% – 85% uptime (approximately 4 days 15 hours and 36 minutes of downtime in a month) = 20% CREDIT
  • 85% – 75% uptime (approximately 7 days 18 hours of downtime in a month) = 24% CREDIT
  • 75% – 50% uptime (approximately 15 days 12 hours of downtime in a month) = 35% CREDIT
  • LESS THAN 50% UPTIME (more than approximately 15 days 12 hours of downtime in a month) = 100%

Suncoast Hosting stands by the quality of service it offers it customers. In fact we will give you a 60 day money back guarantee. There is no fine print; no paperwork; no red tape; and most importantly there is no catch.

The Guarantee is simple. If for any reason during the 60 days commencing on the activation of your shared hosting account you are unsatisfied with our hosting services, we will happily issue to you a full refund, regardless of any promotions or free trials.

Please Note: To obtain credit you will need to contact us and complete our pro rata credit request form.

Pro rata credit may only be applied to future tax invoices payable by you and will not be applied to accounts in arrears.
Our site availability guarantee does not include downtime as this is outside of Suncoast Hosting’s control. Downtime includes and is not limited to: upstream connectivity outages, internet congestion, outages by acts of god, outages caused by structural damage to facility, or facility power.

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  • What our customers are saying:
    Since our inception Suncoast Hosting have been the most important partner for the growth of our business. Web applications that place high demands on servers can be a challenge for some providers, Suncoast sits apart from others in this respect. Their support goes above and beyond the call, delivering a consistent service letting us focus on the needs of our business. The technical know-how within Suncoast has made the impossible, possible on many occasions, I am happy to recommend them.

    Why Suncoast Hosting?

    • Australian Owned
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    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Offline payments include:

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    Direct Deposit

    You can pay your hosting account via Direct Deposit. Our bank account details will be attached to the bottom of the invoices that are sent out to you. When going through the checkout please make sure that you select the payment option “Pay Offline – Direct Deposit / Cheque”'


    You can pay your hosting account via Cheque. When going through the checkout please make sure that you select the payment option “Pay Offline – Direct Deposit / Cheque”.

    Payment by cheque needs to be sent to the following address:
    Suncoast Hosting
    PO Box 447
    Queensland Australia 4558

    Cheques are to be made out to
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