There are lots of businesses out there that just trust the “experts” with all their security and procedure practices. Of course, while they are paid to do so, this may just cause you to lose everything, and even put you in jeopardy with the law.

For instance, most of these outsourced companies have no idea what HIPA Laws are, yet there are specific things you should and should not post to a cloud if you are in the medical industry. This is just an example of how you might end up going to jail if you aren’t careful with your technology.

Here are seven ways that you can cost your company some big money:

1. Low-Cost Economy Laptops –Laptops for businesses are like cars… you are going to spend a certain amount on them per year, so do you want to spend it up front by getting a quality one, or spend it throughout the year on technical repairs and headaches?

2. Easy, Simple, Destructive Passwords – Of course, it is tempting to use the dog’s name as a password, but that’s a really fast way to get hacked. Especially if you have Fido’s picture on your desktop. Make sure you’re using a password that isn’t easy to crack.

3. Pay For Data By the MB – If you are paying for data by the MB and not the GB, then you are in for losing some serious pocket change. Paying for data by the MB allows hosting and tech companies to skim your profit margin off the top Paying by the GB allows you to pay a rather flat rate, saving you cash.

4. Anonymously Broadcasting Your Personal Info – This is an easy trap to fall into. Now, with technological capabilities these days, it is going to be very difficult to stay anonymous, so always watch what you are doing online, because you are most likely being watched by something or someone.

5. Cloud Secrets – As we mentioned above, please watch what you post to the cloud. There are federal regulations on what can end up in the cloud, depending on the industry. So, do know the laws and use your senses.

6. Anonymously Broadcasting Your Location – No, you should tell everyone that you are headed to Sydney, Australia on a business trip. That’s like saying, “Hey, thieves? Just make sure you tidy up the place before you make off with my inventory… I’ll be back by Monday.”

7. Technology Laid Bare – Use your anti-virus protection. If your systems are down from a virus, that has a tendency to hurt your sales in a big way.