SSL-Certificates & Installation

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – Today it is crucial that your website is secure. This is done via an SSL certificate. A SSL Certificate provides a secure connection between the end user and your website. Up until 2017, you would have only been required to get an SSL Certificate for your e-commerce website. Browser vendors and leading search engines determined the need for every website to be secure was critical going forward.

Increase Website Traffic
Google and other search engines have made it well known that having a secure site is a great thing. As an incentive for website owners to make sure their website performs better, each of the leading search engines have added SSL enabled sites will get a ranking reward for securing their website.

256 Bit Encryption
Security is paramount and this is made possible with the highest available level of encryption (256 Bit). Our SSL Certificates also support SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms.

Our SSL Certificates

Standard SSL Certificate

Standard Encryption

Single Website

256 Bit Encryption

Basic Validation

$77 per year

Extended Validation Certificate

Strongest Encryption + EV

Single Website

256 Bit Encryption

$1,750,000 Warranty

Official Site Seal

3-5 Days Activation

$189 per year

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Strongest Encryption

Multiple Subdomains (www.,mail.,ftp.)

256 Bit Encryption

$250,000 Warranty

$ 199 per year