If you are in the market for Australian domain name registration, you might appreciate a little bit of boot camp basics about domain names in general and how to secure a good one that will work hard for you.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the URL, or website address, that is typed into a browser in order to visit a particular website. For example, www.ebay.com.au is the domain name of eBay’s main website.

Importance of a Domain Name

When it comes to an Australian domain name registration, you should be aware that the name you choose for your domain could be crucial to the success or failure of your ecommerce endeavor or any aspect of online success. You should incorporate your prime keywords into your domain name if at all possible as this will stand you in good stead with the search engines and also help drive traffic to your site. There are almost unlimited possibilties for domain names Australia has to offer, so choose wisely.

For instance, if you plan to start an online business selling saltwater aquariums, try to acquire a domain name that uses those keywords. Do your best to place those keywords at the front or as close to the front of your domain name as you can get them. You might choose something like “www.saltwateraquariums.com.au” or a similar URL. This is not the time to go for some overly cutesy, cryptic domain name that won’t provide internet users with a clue as to what your business is about. So, forget anything such as: “www.marinedreams.com.au” or a domain  name along those lines. That sounds more like an XXX porn site for sailors than anything to do with aquariums. You get the idea—your Australian domain name registration needs to be a URL with your keywords and business activity clearly defined.

While you’re at it, put on your thinking cap and try to come up with something original and memorable, while still keeping your keywords up front. Your domain name will be heavily instrumental in helping to build your brand, so it needs to be as good as you can make it!

In the process of your Australian domain name registration, bear in mind that making your web address memorable is important not only for brand building, but for making it easier for visitors to find you again. If your domain name makes it very clear what a visitor can expect to find on your website, it will be much easier for that visitor to pay you a return visit at some point down the road. In a perfect world, everyone that landed on your website would bookmark you. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and the grim truth is that many—or even most—visitors will not save your website into their favorites and then; should they want to come back at a later date and hopefully buy from you again….they have to initiate a Google search to find you. A great domain name will ensure that you pop right up there on the first page of those search results!

So, use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and when you are working on your Australian domain name registration, strive to keep it simple, easy to remember and relevant to what is to be found on your website.

Now, many beginning entrepreneurs are unsure whether to try and register a domain name themselves or turn to a professional to handle this important process for them. What you decide to do will ultimately be up to you and what you feel comfortable with when it comes to Australian domain name registration. That being said, even if you are operating on a shoestring, there are times when you should probably bite the bullet and spring for a pro to take care of something really important.

Your Australian domain name registration is one of those times! Look for a business that offers domain names, Australia based.

A website won’t do you much good if it’s down most of the time or if you have technical questions or problems and nowhere to turn for help. When you let a professional domain registration business get you set up with an Australian domain name registration, you can count on about 99.9% up time and technical support if and when you need it, which is worth a lot!

Now, get started with your Australian domain name registration and get your website up and running like a well oiled machine!