cPanel is a Linux operating system based server management program that allows users to be able to manage websites and it allows hosting more easily and effectively. The importance of a website hosting system is not something that can be compromised with and cPanel with its extensive features provides users with comfortable and easily management of the same. It is intuitive and interact which allows it to be used by someone who has not had much professional training or skill management in the same field. It is a three tier system where administrators, resellers and end users are given different levels of usage and control over the web page.

The first most important feature of cPanel is that it allows a user to effectively and efficiently upload and manage web pages. It also allows easy installation of additional web forums like blogs. It allows a user to be protected from viruses and it also holds security through password protection so as to be able to avoid hacking and counterfeiting of data. Administrators may even put up usage restrictions to stop external persons from accessing confidential information about the company. It also allows users to easily set up an email account and manage emails on the basis of importance. Emails may be categorized or undesired senders could even be blocked allowing users to void going through unwanted emails.

It has a simple backup system where it stores everything that has been uploaded on to the website and provides a backup in case of a crash and ensures the information is not lost. It has data based tools for management of websites which falls under the care of administrators. The one feature of cPanel which other control panels do not offer is comprehensive statistical information on website traffic.

Plesk, on the other hand, is a control panel system that does restrict itself to Linux operating systems only. It is compatible with Windows as well. It provides a clean interface for uploading, managing and automating information on websites of an administrator. It is considered to be comparatively more stable than other control panels because it allows users to switch between control panels easily, instead of causing coding difficulties and taking time because of overload.

An added advantage of Plesk is that it is cost effective because it does cost less than cPanel and thus some professionals try and budget their functions in this cost only instead of turning to a more expensive alternative. It gives regular monitoring and back up on the data that is going to be uploaded and keeps it saved in an integrated form to use minimum storage possible even if the data being saved is originally in heavy files.

Plesk is not only a base component but allows additional plug in to be downloaded to enhance its features and allow users to enjoy better performance. It has expandable features and users may opt for more and more features to get better performance.

A hosting panel lets one manage a server with ease, without getting confused and frustrated by the overload of information which might be unmanageable otherwise. The kind of control panel used depends from user to user on the basis of the kind of features they look for.

Both CPanel hosting and Plesk hosting plans are available at Suncoast Hosting. If you are not sure what hosting platform you would like to use you should start with a shared hosting plan. Suncoast Hosting’s shared plans use CPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows.