Google’s Public DNS service has been available since 2009 and there are many benefits of replacing your ISP provided DNS numbers with the ones provided by Google, and The main advantages are that it will speed up your web browsing experience, improve your security and also give you the precise results you expect when you enter the site you want to visit without any redirection whatsoever.

Speeding up your connection
The DNS servers used by your local ISP may be located at nodes which are further away than necessary. Additionally, the information you request from the Internet may take a variety of pathways or routes to arrive at your location, and the more illogical steps it takes, the more chance it has of being redirected or taking longer than necessary. Especially until now, Australians have been forced to rely only on the Internet pathways created by their ISPs. While these companies do provide valuable services, their focus is not on speed and security and for this reason you may want to use the Google Public DNS servers to get the speed and security you require. This option has only recently become available to Australians.

Security through Public DNS

Many ISPs are frequently the victims of a targeted hijacking attempt, in which user generated requests are redirected to alternate servers in an attempt to steal data or download viruses. A lot of phishing attempts originate like this — a virus infected computer is used to call up a commonly visited website, such as, and without the user noticing, the browser is redirected to a fake Hotmail log in site where you inadvertently and unwittingly enter your log in details, which are then used to steal your account. In phishing attacks, websites for banks are redirected this way.

But using Google’s Public DNS service allows you to add an extra security layer onto your web browsing activities.

Furthermore, you will also be able to set up filters and family safe privacy so your children cannot view objectionable material.

How this works in Australia

Since 2010, Google has installed data servers in Australia to facilitate faster access to their Public DNS service. The American company will now cache and make available the IP addresses of any website faster when the user types it in. The system is capable of learning, so the first time you go to a new website that nobody else has used (highly unlikely) you won’t notice a speed difference, but on subsequent visits you will notice drastic changes in speed.