Joomla CMS is an Open source application which is considered to be one of the best and easiest applications used to create a website. One may be able to create personal or business websites using this application. Joomla hosting in Australia is one of the top ranked and most reliable sources for this field where an application must be multifunctional and all purpose. Joomla as a CMS has a lot of great resources available and more importantly comes with a lot of community support. If you have not considered using Joomla for your next website maybe now is the time.

It is an application which can be easily downloaded and it free for use to all of those who would like to take the opportunity of building their own web page. Joomla is also compatible with Windows 2003 with IIS 6 hosting or Windows 2008 with IIS 7 hosting. While it does run on Windows Server platforms it is not recommended for optimal performance. Suncoast Hosting will only store a Joomla based website on a Linux based server to ensure that you as the customer achieves the best possible performance out of the Joomla based website. Compatibility with both Linux and Windows platforms is one of the criteria why Joomla has gained high amounts of credibility and accountability.

Hosting a Joomla website is easy to do, it is however, one thing that if done right will make Joomla run to the best of its ability. A lot of hosting providers have troubles achieving this though. As a developer of Joomla based websites does not require any certifications it does mean that there is a lot of sites that are not built right. If you want to have a Joomla based website built correctly you should check out the Joomla Resources Directory at to find people who Joomla and the community have suggested are going to be best suited for the job.

Joomla Hosting should really be carried out by a service provider who has experience in hosting Joomla websites. Infact in the ideal situation it should be a hosting provider suggested in Joomla’s Resources Directory. If the provider you are looking for to host your Joomla website is not listed then you should really avoid them.

Suncoast Hosting has a Joomla Hosting plan which can be found here. The official Joomla website is located at