The creation of a web page starts with choosing a domain, which is undoubtedly a crucial step for the success of a business, for example. The domain is the first thing people see about your website and can help build a better reputation for your company. Here are some tips that could help you choose an appropriate domain name for your website.

The .com Domination

.com is the ‘universal’ domain of the web, being also the most memorable choice. If your business is based in Australia you are advised to opt for This is also an important step, mainly because of the great progress seen by geo-location technologies.

A Domain Should Be Easy To Spell

A general rule of thumb says you should never choose a domain that your audience cannot remember or type. Even though temptations can be big and domains like ‘.lx’ are usually free of charge, think about the future consequences first and you will realize how important this step actually is.

A Domain Should Have An Appealing Title

Take your time and think about potential marketing strategies for your business. Perhaps a good idea would be to imagine the link to your web page printed on flyers or, why not, on huge billboards. Choosing the right title is also an important matter and should be treated as such.

Search Engine Optimization and Domains

Most SEO specialists recommend the use of at least one keyword in the domain name, for pure optimization purposes. For example, if you own a painting company it would be an extremely good idea to use ‘painters’ or any other variation of this keyword in your URL. This will help more potential customers find you easily when searching for the services you offer.

Being Greedy Keeps You Away From Fraud

Even if you already own a .com domain name you should still not forget about .net, .org, .co and others. There are numerous examples of genuine web pages being cloned and hosted at false addresses that use a different domain. So if you want to ensure all the users of your website are safe and will not fall into this trap it would be best to purchase all domain name extensions. What is more, you will also be able to make some more profit in the end by having all these different URLs redirect users to your main page.