These days, if it isn’t fast, then it isn’t worth the time to wait. That is true among many Internet surfers, and especially among Americans. In fact, there is a good chance that if I don’t get to the point right now, then you are going to hit the back button.

There was a study done by that was performed for the express purpose of determining just how long people will wait for an Internet application to complete. For instance, the study was conducted by figuring out; just how long people will wait for a page that isn’t loading quickly. It turns out, that Americans are going to be your speed neediest customers, as they will most likely click away from your page within four seconds of waiting. actually determined that if their page loads took just one more second, they would actually lose $1.6 billion in sales. Also, if Google were to lose four-tenths of a second on their searches, they would sacrifice 8 million hits per day. That suggests that there is a very sizeable revenue loss in the event that your host is not producing high speeds.

Online business exists for the purpose of providing a lightning fast shopping experience, so people naturally will not use a website that is difficult to navigate, and especially one that does not load as fast as their competition. This evidence also suggests that if you have a better server that provides faster services, then you can even charge higher prices for your goods.

One of the most difficult aspects about this is that companies who are having difficulties evolving to smartphone technology will eventually fall out of existence in the coming years. Already, 25% of all Americans do their shopping on smartphones, and that number is projected to rise quickly. So, if your page doesn’t load quickly, and isn’t smartphone compatible, then you’ve got some problems coming down the pike.

The kicker is the fact that four out of ten Americans will click away from an online shopping page if it doesn’t load within three seconds. That is major evidence that if you are hoping to run an online business, you are in desperate need of a server that can handle the job of fast speeds. Companies like Suncoast Hosting have had an excellent track record for providing extremely fast speeds, the kind that will not make those four out of ten Americans click away from your webpage.