How do I send email through my website

If you have tried sending emails through your website and they are not being received to a nominated mailbox then this article is for you. To send email through your website in our network you need to use SMTP Authentication. We have prevented the use of php mail() and sendmail() through our servers as a part of our security features. All emails sent through our servers need to be done through authenticated users. This is done by creating a unique email address through your control panel on our server for your website to use to send emails.

To complete the setup of SMTP Mail you need to complete the following tasks:

1) Setup a new email account specifically for sending email from your website. To do this you can create a new email account in CPanel.
2) You need to use SMTP Mail for your email sending script. The process is usually fairly straight forward and easy to complete. Most open source content management systems will support SMTP Mail whether it be natively or by adding a plugin.

WordPress users will need to install a SMTP Authentication plugin, Popular ones called "WP SMTP" or "Easy WP SMTP" are good choices and are easy to configure.

If you run Drupal on your website you will also need to download one depending on what version of Drupal is installed on your website.

If you run Joomla then simply going to Global Configuration and changing your mail server settings from "sendmail" or "php mailer" to "SMTP" then entering the relevant details will be sufficient.

3) You need to configure your email script to use the following settings to send via SMTP:

Outgoing Mail Server: localhost
SMTP Authentication: Yes
Username: Full email address you have created
Password: Password associated with the email address. We recommend a strong password consisting of atleast 12 characters and numbers, a symbol an uppercase character.
Port: 26
SSL / TLS: not required.

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