How do I login and use my email or webmail?

Working with Email Accounts
The following email will guide you in Working with Email Accounts

Please follow the steps below to create a mail account. It is called a 'Webmail Account:

1. Login to your Control Panel of your site from the link below.

2. Click "Mail" Icon/ View options on Mail Manage Tab
2. Click 'Add/Remove/Manage Accounts' under the menu header 'Email' in will be directed to next page.
3. Click 'Add Accounts' link to add a new account.
4. Complete the form that you find in the next page.

If you have done everything right then you have created a webmail account sucessfully.

Steps to access webmail:

1. Access your domain as the URL below

2. Provide the full username of the webmail account for example with your password and complete login form
3. You can select the available e-mail client, 'roundcube for ajax based interface or Squirrel mail for text interface' is easy and mostly preferable.

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